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Each employer has the responsibility to ensure his employee`s health and safety at work (in Romania things are regulated through law number 319/14th July, 2006) and it`s important for an employee to be aware of his rights and responsabilities with regards to health and safety in the workplace.

Background information:

Concern over workers' safety and health on the job arose in the late 1900s as the United States became an industrial power. The increasing use of heavy machinery in areas like mining, railroad freight and manufacturing resulted in accidents that crippled or even killed workers. Workers and their families during the late 1800s had little recourse except to sue employers who could afford more talented lawyers. States took tentative steps toward regulating industries like coal mining and manufacturing as early as 1869, but not until the early 1900s did the actions of states force industries to reduce the possibility of work-related accidents or illness.

Principal Concepts

Basic ideas on the topic

There are some basic steps to get through when you run a business.
  • As an employer, you have to write a health and safety policy(if you have 5 or more employees) where including your commitment to health and safety.

  • Make a risk assesment (if you have five or more employees, you have to write it down) : Identify the risks that can harm your employees, decide how you can control them and put the appropriate measures in place.

  • Consult your employees on the risks they encounter, see how they control risky situationsand advice them.

  • Provide training and information (Don`t forget! There are some people in your staff that may need patricular training needs: new recruits, people changing jobs or taking extra-responsibilities, young employees and health and safety representatives).

  • Provide the right workplace facilities (Welfare facilities: toilets and hand basins,with soap and towels/hand-dryer, drinking water, a place for rest and having meals ; Concerning health:make sure there is good ventilation, a reasonable working temperature, suitable light, enough room space and suitable seating; Concerning safety: have cleaned windows that cand be opened,properly maintaned working equipment, floors and traffic routes free from obstruction).

  • Make arrangements for first aid, accidents and ill health( You should have at leat a suitably stocked first-aid box, an appointed person to take charge of first-aid arrangements;information for all employees giving details of first-aid arrangements).

  • Display the health and safety law poster !

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