Recruitment | Selection | Employee Relations | HR Development | Reward and Remuneration | Interaction in the Work Place | Industrial Relations List here the most important new words learned in each unit, under its respective topic. You will use the list for exam review.


Job Description:

Nouns: requirements; responsibilities; knowledge; skills; abilities; etc

Competencies for the Job Market:

Nouns: creativity,foresight,stability,adaptability,independence
Verbs: adapt,stabilise,forsee,depend
Adjectives: adapted,adaptable,adapting,independent,stable

Person Specifications

Recruitment Sources and Advertising

Equal Employment Opportunity


Job Advertisements
A Curriculum Vitae
The Job Interview

Employee Relations

Employment Contracts
Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
Health and Safety at work

HR Development

Career Paths: from classroom to the boardroom
HR Development Practices
Training Courses
Equal Opportunities and Diversity
Dress Code in Business

Reward and Remuneration

Salaries and Fringe Benefits
Salary Reviews

Interaction in the Work Place

Managing Diversity
Team Building
Managing Conflict
Sexual Harassment

Industrial Relations

Labour Relations
Wage Negotiation
Business Etiquette