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Many large organizations have staff within their human resources departments who routinely conduct analyses (such as workforce modeling analyses ) of data in human resources databases. These people can be excellent sources of information or assistance in analyzing human resource data to derive career path information.
Human Resources Management presents special challenges for the Human Resources leader in organizations. Effective Human Resources Management requires special HR tools, special approaches to management, and access to professional Human Resources associations, education, and publications. Learn more about all aspects of management specific to Human Resources management.

  • Training Course

  • Employee training is a necessity. You need to get new hires up to speed as quickly as possible so they can become productive members of your team.

  • Equal Opportunities and Diversity

  • Equal pay for men and women is still a big issue in some sectors of business.
  • All personnel are subject to the same rules, so everybody is dealt with equally.
  • The Race Relation Act is about doing away with inequality and discrimination.

  • Dress Code in Business

  • Are dress codes in workplace important?
  • What`s your philosophy on a dress code?
  • Why your business needs a dress code ?

Current Issues

Insert here current issues related to the topic. You can use pictures, videos, text (questions, short excerpts from news headlines, magazine articles, blogs, etc). Make sure you accompany them by a

Recruiting and Staffing
Ensuring the availability of appropriate development opportunities
Balancing the needs of the business and the needs of the people who work for it
You can find more here
About.com Human Resources
Susan Heathfield is a Human Resources expert. She is a management and organization development consultant who specializes in human resources issues and in management development to create forward thinking workplaces. Susan is also a professional facilitator, speaker, trainer, and writer
Exploring HR Management

Corina Anghel is a romanian young HR consultant and trainer on improvisation. Her blog even though is in Romanian is an interesting one and can be accessed here

HumanResources101is the blog of Ian Mckenzie, he is Canadian and started his career in the 80's mind.
(Blog of Ian McKenzie ,i personally seemed very good.I invite you to look less.)

Practice Useful Language

Use English for Human Resources to create vocabulary handouts.
  • Vocabulary

  • Speech Functions

Teacher will add weekly resources for learning basic grammar.
  • Grammar

Working with the Media

Insert here videos related to the topic. Do not forget to present them by writing a brief summary of their contents.


Flexible- to adapt the way of working (flexitime, teleworking, etc) to suit the diverse needs of employees’ lives

Secondment- the temporary transfer of an employee to another organization of part of the company

Long-term individual development- continually updating and promoting the professional development of employees

Appraisal- regular evaluation of an employee’s performance, development requirements and potential

Equal opportunity policies- to maintain fair working practices and equal treatment for each employee

Team development- to motivate a group of employees to work together effectively

Mentoring-to provide an employee with an experienced person who can assist with professional development and offer support and advice

Induction programme- to inform new staff about the company and its procedures and to help them to settle successfully into their new job

To pay attention to detail- to notice and deal with small individual facts

To get a little behind- to be slower than expected

To be on target- to be at the exact level predicted

To raise an issue- to mention something for people to discuss

To get something up to scratch- to make something as good as it can be

To settle in-to feel happy in a new environment

Leadership and team building- Being a competent leader means being able to motivate and get things done. The course includes decision-making, diplomacy and being sensitive to the needs of others

Managing your time- Learn how to set priorities, control your workload and complete tasks on time. Identify what’s important and fulfil targets and objectives more effectively in less time.

Assertive leadership skills- Successful leaders know how to:

  • Handle people effectively and get results
  • Deal with conflicts and communicate confidently
  • Earn the respect of their peer group and their superiors

Balancing priorities and managing projects- Prioritize and keep on top of multiple projects, manage conflicting demands and take control over your workload. Set deadlines and stick to them. Get more done in less time than you thought possible.


Pat Pledger – English for Human Resources

Trad. Simona Rosetti-Bucuresti, All Educational-2009

Insert here basic vocabulary related to the topic. Make sure you use specialist definitions.


  • Appropriate documentation is extremely important in all areas of scholarly work. Not only are there laws prohibiting unauthorized use of a borrowed source, but it is morally necessary to give credit where credit is due.
  • When creating a wiki page, each source from which one gains information must be cited--and cited properly. Citation is required when summarizing, quoting, or paraphrasing a source. If unsure about whether or not citation is necessary, cite it anyway. It is better to over-cite rather than under-cite. Also, too, be careful about citing images. It is not sufficient to reference Google images as a source just because Google was used to locate the image. Instead, go to the site that provides the image, and cite that.
  • Citation for the wiki pages should be treated in the same manner as though writing an English paper. Proper APA formatting involves in-text parenthetical citation as well as a reference section at the end of the page. Each source cited in the final "References" section should be listed alphabetically, too. In addition, when citing titles, italics are preferred to underlining. It is more aesthetically cohesive in a web document.
On this wiki we shall use the APA citation style. There is an example for each below.
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English for Human Resources-Pat Pledger

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