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Dress codes in the workplace convey a positive image or certain ideals and traditions that a company upholds.

External aspects are the first to give an individual identity. First impression is decisive and sustainable, the right outfit can send : professionalism, seriously, requirement, respect.

First impressions are critical. Remember, you are marketing yourself to a potential employer,and the first thing the employer sees when greeting you is your attire.

Background Information

Throughout history, dress codes have provided uniformity. However, dress codes more recently gained notoriety in public school systems, after school districts decided that dress codes reduce violence, alleviate the influence of gang colors and limit distractions in the classroom.

In schools, dress codes encourage equality among students, especially those of lower socioeconomic statuses, to ensure all students receive equal opportunities in the classroom.
School dress codes usually limit revealing and sagging clothing, and may even dictate a specific uniform students must wear.

Office dress codes may require business, business casual or casual attire, depending on the company.

Dress codes at certain restaurants contribute to the atmosphere to provide a fine dining experience.
Dining establishments that require a dress code typically request that customers don’t wear jeans, flip-flops, or shirts without collars.

Principal Concepts


  • Suits are the standard.
  • A sweater or blouse and skirt combination is acceptable as long as you have a jacket as well.
  • Under the suit you should wear a blouse, a knit sweater or shell.
  • Legs must always be covered by stockings.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes with a low to medium heel.

  • should wear wool suits in medium-to-dark colors, white or blue business
  • shirts with a button-down or straight color, and quality ties, belts, shoes and jewelry.

Topic 1-2 etc

The type of clothes you wear to work sends a message about yourself and how you view your job. Your attire also may send a message about the company itself, and some businesses encourage a particular type of workplace attire. The type of workplace attire expected varies from business to business -- there is no single correct type of workplace attire. In some offices, a formal look is expected and required, while in others, a more casual look may be more appropriate.

Current Issues

There are also some Muslim countries that force an “Islamic dress code” on women. For example, in Indonesia, (May 2010) police caught 18 women wearing traditional headscarves, but also jeans. The women had their jeans confiscated and were given long skirts before being released.

Other Muslim-majority countries are trying to protect women’s freedom of choice. In 2010, the Bangladeshi High Court ruled that the Ministry of Education should ensure that women who are employed in public institutions are not required to wear the veil "against their will.” The judges agreed that "it is a personal choice of women to wear the veil or not." They added that "forcing a woman to wear the veil against her will" is considered a "flagrant violation" of basic human rights “enshrined in the Constitution.”


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